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Our vision is Hope and Restoration for the women affected by the red light districts of India.

To be a catalyst in the lives of women by empowering them to live whole, healthy, sustainable, transformed, Christ-centered lives.

In June 2012, the Executive Director of Hope Restored India moved to Mumbai with a long term vision of building relationships with those living in the red light districts and with other organizations this field. She and her team spent two and a half years working in multiple red light districts. Over the course of that time, the relationships and the experience gained lead to a deeper understanding of the true needs with in these communities, both for the women living there and the organizations seeking to make a difference in the lives of those affected by sex trafficking.

As a result of involvement within these areas, it became evident that several large groups of individuals are consistently overlooked by the traditional approach to rescue and aftercare in these specific locations. Madams (lower-level brothel managers), women over the age of 25, and women who have terminal medical conditions (ex. HIV+) generally lack opportunity for rescue and rehabilitation through traditional aftercare organizations as they do not meet the specific criteria required by these organizations. A study by India’s National Human Rights Commission identifies this group as “Middle-age women who are almost reconciled to continuing in the brothels because of many reasons, including lack of livelihood options.” Although often perceived as possessing a choice, the reality is that these women currently have little to no resources to provide support or guidance in leaving the red light district. Having passed the age at which most girls are rescued, and processing little or no education or job training, this group is on the verge of accepting that they have no other option aside from continuing the only “work” they know how to do.

Based on over fourteen years of collective education and experience in working with these groups of women, we have concluded that a genuine need existed for a unique approach in providing life-changing opportunities for trafficked women. In late 2014, Hope Restored India was founded out of a commitment to see these individuals equipped with skills and opportunities for life outside of the red light district.

Hope Restored India is committed to the process of restoration; instilling the value and worth of each individual throughout her personal journey towards wholeness and freedom.