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Our Approach

The approach of Hope Restored India is two-fold; the Community Development Center (CDC) and Community Outreach (CO). These programs work together offering a stepping-stone process to facilitate a women's path from initial contact through completion of the course. The overall approach is holistic, focusing on the health and restoration of body, mind and spirit of each woman.

Community Development Center (CDC):

The CDC is a place for women who desire a change for their lives and have the level of freedom to take the next step in their journey of restoration. Through a stipend program consisting of training in life skills and vocational skills, participants follow an individualized five-phase track towards future employment opportunity and job placement. The phase model allows each participant to move through the program at her own pace, while still providing a standardized measurement system to track her progress towards the goal of job placement and sustainability.

Community Outreach (CO):

Our Community Outreach program focuses on building relationships inside the red light district, to meet needs and offer hope. Community Outreach is our first point of contact with the women who are working in these areas, and through spending time with them on a daily basis, our staff are able to establish deep relationships built on trust and mutual respect. This program offers daily discipleship, basic life skills training, an introduction to English and literacy, health and medical care, along with informal counseling and crisis intervention. As trust is built between the women and our Community Outreach staff over time, the staff are able to plant seeds of hope for a future outside of the red light districts. Community Outreach staff continue to provide a support system for women from the Outreach program who take their first steps toward freedom and choose to enroll in the programs offered at the Community Development Center.

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We focus on education for the women as the base/springboard to their future development and success. Our curriculum includes English, Hindi, math as well as training in life skills. For our participants with children we focus on enrollment and education for their children in local schools.
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We walk along each participant in their personal faith journey. Our participants are coming from different faith backgrounds and we cultivate an environment where they can experience the love of God.
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Participants at the Community Development Center spend time shadowing various professions before choosing a professional training track to fit their unique dreams. The stipend each woman earns while in the program enables her to focus solely on her training and skills development which will equip her to leave the red light district permanently as she pursues a sustainable future.
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Our participants are on a continuing journey towards healing and restoration. Our goal is to walk alongside of each participant as a strong support system to her as she navigates life events. The support we offer includes support while seeking alternative housing, counseling, budgeting support, addiction support and support through any ongoing medical treatment.
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Our participants’ physical and mental health is assessed through an initial medical exam followed by support through any ongoing treatment prescribed for any health issues.Throughout a participant’s time in our program we maintain an ongoing focus on health and healing of body, mind and spirit through medical, nutritional and counseling care.